Aripeka: Blending Florida’s Natural Landscape With Luxury Living

One of the largest land-owning families in the world founded Viera, Florida. More than a century ago, the Duda family immigrated from Austria-Hungary to live the American Dream. They raised their children to value quality, integrity, and innovation and integrate these qualities into their everyday lives and business operations. CDS Builders is honored to be selected to carry out this next phase of the Duda legacy, Aripeka at Viera, because the history of the land itself invites us to build sustainably and innovate with great care.

Modern Healthy Living

The Duda family named the town “Viera” because it means faith in Slovak. Like our own family at CDS Builders, the Dudas are as passionate about building community as they are about conserving the natural environment and its wildlife. Our work with the Aripeka Community brings together three generations of Florida builders and developers with more than 150 years of combined experience to carry out the Duda’s vision for modern, healthy living.

Protecting The Environment

Saving trees and protecting the environment is not easy. Much like the Duda family initially worked the ground by hand with plow and mule, the level of effort that is required to both preserve and develop land is costly and labor intensive. At CDS Builders, our fathers and mothers quite literally served as pioneers in luxury residential development in Brevard County. Our entrepreneurial families have collaborated with the county’s many diverse stakeholders since the 1960s to continually drive cutting-edge best practices for luxury living to a whole new level. In practice, this means we serve on community boards and stay up-to-date on emerging technologies that enhance healthy living and safety for our clients and their families. We believe that the best possible problem-solvers are those who are both engaged and informed at every level.

When it comes to preserving nature within Aripeka, our team of professionals go the extra mile to design every home around the root system of each individual tree. This means pushing back on cultural norms and reevaluating the impact of simply clearing and filling individual lots for convenience. At CDS Builders, we value the natural landscape of each individual backyard and shared gathering space. Our many decades of experience in nature preservation equip us with the knowledge that’s required to implement a long-term sustainability program for every CDS Builder home in the Aripeka Community. 

Each preserved Florida oak and pine receives its own thorough preservation analysis. The details required for true, long-term nature conservation are too often overlooked. We believe personalizing conservation methods for each native tree is the only way to ensure the long term health of the overall wellbeing of a nature-based community. This is why our team goes the extra mile to invest in infrastructure like stem walls because it is critical to building sustainably and it delivers the highest level of structural stability while also providing additional flood protection to any homeowner. Aesthetically, our approach to tree conservation preserves the natural landscape while reducing the need to destruct or overly manicure the natural terrain. 


Not Your Average Suburb

Aripeka is not your average American suburb. Beyond preserving nature, each home in this healthy living community features a modern take on yesterday’s iconic Florida design. Aripeka invokes this idea of being neighbors again with winding streets, shady trails, double-wide sidewalks, and gathering spaces. Unlike any other community in the county, natural foliage and waterways invite families to create memories at the private clubhouse and Aripeka Lagoon.

Each and every CDS Builders home is 100% custom. We are the only builder also serving as a developer of Aripeka. CDS properties represent more than half of the available residences within Aripeka’s healthy living community. More than the best selection of properties, families who choose to build with us work directly with our senior executives one-on-one. From the customer discovery process to the final walkthrough, we use our experience to guide families throughout the decision-making process so that every family is aware of what opportunities best accommodate their unique vision for healthy living on time and within budget.

Expert Team From Start To Finish

Our team has worked with experts in engineering to lead innovation and building best practices county-wide so that we may collectively raise environmental and energy standards for all of our homes across the county. In each attic, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems are fully-sealed to optimize air circulation and eliminate excess moisture within the home. This kind of building science is not a standard best practice in residential construction; however, taking this step dramatically extends the longevity of all in-home systems and appliances. This is the best possible way to protect against opportunities for mold and mildew to take hold. More importantly, for the folks at CDS Builders, it means families are living and breathing the highest quality air possible in a CDS home.

Aripeka is so much more than just another suburb. Witness history in the making as commercial space launches decorate the evening sky. Invite out-of-town guests to drive into town to shop at The Avenue Viera. Experience another layer of the Duda family legacy at the Brevard County Zoo, where the 56 acres east of Aripeka was transformed into the world’s largest community-owned zoo in the early 1990s.

CDS Home Builders Exclusive

CDS Builders is honored to be commissioned to build the Aripeka Community. Our executive team is made up of second-generation entrepreneurs and builders in Brevard County. More than continuing the Duda family vision, Aripeka serves as the ‘Crown Jewel’ to our own family history and portfolio. We invite you to experience many generations of quality, integrity, and innovation at work. It is our honor to build your legacy in Aripeka.

Exceptional Homes for Pets and Pet Parents – CDS Builders

If you have been following our story at CDS Builders, then you are aware that we are one of four builders selected nationwide to carry out the vision for Aripeka at Viera. On March 2nd, however, we took a break from our daily grind to connect as a family and team at the third annual Poocharella fundraiser benefiting our local senior dog rescue, Touch of Grey (ToG). This special event hosted at Wickham Park was an important reminder that making memories in our community is just as important as fostering a strong work ethic.


In an effort to showcase Aripeka as an exceptional community for pets and pet parents and make an impact in our community, CDS Builders sponsored Poocharella’s lure course event powered by SwiftPaws. SwiftPaws introduced hundreds of dogs of every age and breed to “the best game of chase ever”, a backyard lure course designed to deliver physical and mental enrichment to dogs. Local entrepreneur Meghan Wolfgram received global recognition for her invention when she was awarded Shark Tank’s Golden Ticket by Lori Greiner last year. Dogs at the event experienced next generation enrichment with SwiftPaws running two separate courses for five straight hours. As a result of this partner effort, more than $3,500 was raised to support senior pups in need, bringing total donations raised at this event to more than $15,000.

Best In Rescue

Poocharella’s “best in rescue” contest gave pet parents the opportunity to share their incredible foster stories with thousands of Poocharella attendees. Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivy and City of Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey served as judges for the event. The sheriff is well-known in the community for his support of animal welfare and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty. Of the contest finalists who took the stage, nearly every one of them had received critical aid from Brevard County Animal Services prior to being transferred to ToG rescue for ongoing support. More than 6,000 dogs and cats come through Brevard County Animal Services each month. Touch of Grey Rescue is able to support the full scope of needs for 100 dogs annually as a result of the proceeds collected at the annual Poochella fundraiser.

The Best Homes In Brevard For Pets

If you are a dog mom or dad who has not yet experienced Aripeka, the crown jewel of Viera, we invite you and your pup to explore miles of shaded trails along our neighborhood’s winding streets. We are proud to live in a county that makes animal welfare a priority. Our commitment is to build the highest integrity homes in the most sustainable way we possibly can to optimize healthy living for pets and pet parents. We invite you to build your 100% custom dream home and build better communities with us.

Mastering Your Custom Home Build: The Ultimate Checklist for CDS Builders

When you’re planning your dream home, you’ll face many decisions. It’s important to have a skilled custom home builder and new home consultant, but most crucial is having a clear plan. You probably have ideas about what you want in your new home, like how many bedrooms or if you want a pool. But during construction, unexpected things can happen, like bad weather or tight deadlines. Without a solid plan, you might end up making rushed decisions. To help you avoid problems, we’ve put together a checklist for building your custom home. This checklist will guide you through everything, from choosing the right lot to finalizing the smallest details.

• Premier Lot Selection
• Customized Home Floor Plann
• Enhance Your Home’s Elevationn
• Refine Your Interior Designn
• The heart of the Home: The Kitchen n
• Customize Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms n
• Creating a Functional Living Space
• Customized Upgrades

Premier Lot Selection

Your choice of lot sets the stage for your future home. If you’re yet to secure a lot, there are crucial factors to weigh before finalizing your purchase. While location typically takes precedence, the terrain and characteristics of the land also significantly influence the construction process. Consider the following when making your decision:
Development Status – Is the land primed for construction, or does it require development? This entails bringing essential utilities such as electricity and water to the property. Land preparation usually spans 6-12 months.
Orientation of the Home – Will your home bask in the morning sun at the front or rear? Many opt for east or south-facing orientations to maximize sunlight exposure.
Buildable Area – Lot regulations dictate the proximity of structures to the property’s edges. Confirm that your lot accommodates the desired size of your home.
Neighborhood – Does the area boast a Homeowner’s Association? While they uphold neighborhood standards, some prefer to sidestep their regulations. Additionally, familiarize yourself with any Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions within the community, outlining guidelines ranging from home dimensions to permissible fence types. Securing the perfect lot marks the inaugural stride in the custom home-building journey. The subsequent phase entails crafting the floor plan for your envisioned abode.

Custom Home

Customized Home Floor Plan

A floor plan is a detailed drawing created by an architect to show the layout of your home. It should accurately display the size, spacing, and flow of the rooms. When planning your home, there are several important things to think about. Your architect will give you advice, but it’s a good idea to have a plan of your own. Here are some decisions to make early on:
The Basics: Determine the square footage that best suits your needs, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required for your family’s comfort, and whether you prefer a single-story dwelling or multiple levels for added space and flexibility.
Layout: Choose between an open layout with fewer walls, fostering a sense of spaciousness and connectivity, or a more traditional layout with distinct rooms, offering privacy and defined living areas for different activities.
Utilities: Plan the placement of essential utilities such as electrical outlets, gas lines, and water connections to ensure convenient access and efficient functionality throughout your home, taking into account appliances like stoves, outdoor grills, and laundry facilities.
Storage: Identify the areas where ample storage is essential, whether it’s dedicated closets for clothing and linens or a well-organized pantry for storing kitchen essentials and groceries, ensuring that every item has its designated space within your home.
Accessibility: Strategically position doors and entryways to facilitate easy movement between different areas of your home, prioritizing seamless access to outdoor spaces like the backyard or patio, as well as functional areas like the garage or storage areas.
Garage: Determine the size and orientation of your garage based on your parking needs and architectural preferences, whether you envision a front-facing garage for convenience, a side-facing garage for added privacy, or a rear-facing garage for a sleeker aesthetic.
Must-Haves: Compile a comprehensive list of features and amenities that are non-negotiable for your dream home, whether it’s a dedicated space for pursuing hobbies like music or crafting, room for parking an RV or boat, or a home office for remote work or personal projects. Your architect will use your preferences to design a floor plan that fits your needs. Make sure your checklist reflects what’s most important to you!

Enhance Your Home's Elevation

Your architect doesn’t just design the layout of your home’s interior; they also create the blueprint for its exterior, known as the elevation. These plans are essential for guiding your construction team. The outside appearance of your home is crucial, as it’s the first thing people see. Here are some important decisions to consider:

Style: Decide on the overall style of your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or perhaps a more rustic look, this choice will influence the design of your rooflines and facades.
Materials and Colors: Choose the materials and colors for your home’s exterior. From siding and stone to stucco or wood, each material adds its own texture and color palette to the overall aesthetic.
Doors and Windows: Select the style, finish, and type of doors and windows that best complement your home’s design. Consider features like window inserts or decorative shutters to add character.
Lighting: Plan the placement of outdoor lighting fixtures, such as sconces, porch lights, and landscape lighting, to highlight architectural elements and enhance curb appeal.
Landscaping: Think about the landscaping you want around your home. While your builder may provide basic landscaping options, you can also customize with trees, gardens, and other features to enhance the overall look.
Outdoor Living Spaces: Incorporate outdoor living areas into your plans, such as covered patios, decks, or even an outdoor kitchen. 

These spaces add functionality and charm to your home’s exterior.

Custom Home

Refine Your Interior Design

In shaping the ambiance of your home’s interior, certain foundational design choices play a pivotal role. Throughout the home building process, you collaborate with your builder’s interior designer to make these essential selections. Before delving into an array of samples, it’s crucial to carefully consider these key choices: 

Flooring: Decide on the type, color, and finish of the flooring, whether it’s hardwood, engineered hardwood, vinyl plank, or tiling, to create a cohesive look throughout your home.
Carpeting: Select the variety of carpeting for areas like bedrooms, closets, and stairways, considering colors and textures to match your desired aesthetic.
Paint Colors: Collaborate with the designer to choose the default wall and trim colors, as well as any feature wall or room colors, to infuse personality and style into your living spaces.
Fireplace and Hearth: Opt for the design elements of your fireplace, including the stone finish, mantel, and size, to serve as a focal point and add warmth to your home.
Lighting: Explore various lighting options for key areas such as the dining room, foyer, kitchen, and living spaces, and make selections for default lighting options to illuminate your home effectively.
Built-Ins: Consider incorporating built-in shelving, cabinets, or desks throughout your home for added functionality and aesthetic appeal, such as a built-in TV space in the living area or bookcases in an office. 

Each of these selections contributes to the overall style and ambiance of your home’s interior. Conduct thorough research on each element to ensure you’re well-prepared when it’s time to make these critical decisions.

The heart of the Home: The Kitchen

Your kitchen serves as the heart of your home, requiring thoughtful consideration during the design process. Here are the key elements to contemplate when crafting your kitchen:
Kitchen Layout: Determine the optimal arrangement for your kitchen space, whether it’s the classic L-shape with a spacious island or another layout that suits your needs.
Appliances: Choose appliances that cater to your cooking preferences, from ovens to stoves, considering factors such as gas, induction, or electric options, and the inclusion of specialty features like espresso machines, ice makers, wine, or beverage refrigerators.
Countertops and Backsplash: Select high-quality materials and designs for your countertops and backsplash, as they play a significant role in defining the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
Cabinets: Customize your cabinets with attention to detail, selecting finishes and features like pull-out drawers or specialized storage solutions for enhanced functionality.
Sinks and Faucets: Enhance both the style and functionality of your kitchen with carefully chosen sinks and faucets, including options for additional conveniences such as pot fillers. While aesthetics are important, prioritizing functionality ensures that your kitchen remains a practical and inviting space for daily use.

Custom Home Build

Customize Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The owner’s retreat offers a haven for personalized touches that reflect your unique style. As you consider additional bedrooms and bathrooms, embrace the opportunity for customization tailored to your preferences. When planning bedrooms, think about:
Storage: Decide on the size and organization of closets, and consider built-in shelves for extra storage.
Personalized Features: Add personality with choices like wall colors, wallpaper, shelving, window seats, and accent walls. For bathrooms, focus on:
Showers and Tubs: Choose between tile showers and freestanding or built-in tubs, and think about luxurious options like steam showers or jetted tubs.
Bathroom Vanity: Plan for sinks and storage, and select a style that suits your taste.
Tile: Pick out tiles for floors, shower walls, and backsplashes, considering special features like shower shelves or corner seats.
Sinks, Mirrors, and Lighting: Complete the look with stylish sinks, mirrors, and lights to enhance each space. 

These thoughtful choices elevate your home’s design, creating a space that’s both stylish and functional, reflecting your personal style with elegance and ease.

Creating a Functional Living Space

In designing your custom home, special attention should be given to the functional areas of the laundry room, pantry, and mudroom. These spaces play a crucial role in the functionality and organization of your home, and can be customized to suit your specific needs based on the size and layout of your home. When planning these areas, consider the following options for each:
Mudroom: Create an efficient transition space with features such as shoe shelves, coat hooks, or storage lockers to keep the area tidy and organized.
Laundry Room: Beyond the essential washer and dryer setup, think about adding countertops for folding, storage cabinetry for supplies, a utility sink for convenience, and perhaps even a dog shower or drying racks for added functionality.
Pantry: Customize your pantry with a choice of cabinets, shelves, or a combination of both to accommodate your storage preferences. Additionally, consider incorporating special appliances like drink fridges, ice makers, or a microwave to enhance the functionality of the space.

By incorporating these unique features and custom options into these key areas of your home, you can create a personalized and efficient living space that reflects your lifestyle and meets your practical needs.

Customized Upgrades

As you embark on planning your custom home, remember this is your chance to create a truly unique space that caters to your individual needs. Take the time to envision what you want in your home, even if it means going beyond conventional options.

Consider incorporating special features such as green construction elements for an eco-friendly home, or adding a workshop or custom outdoor kitchen to enhance your lifestyle.

Explore the possibility of installing a security system or creating a dedicated home office with a private entrance for added convenience.

Don’t overlook the potential for small-scale but impactful features, such as under cabinet lighting, discreetly placed outlets, or smart home features.

Keep track of your ideas as you plan, and discuss them with your builder to obtain pricing estimates before proceeding with construction. This ensures that your vision aligns with your budget and allows for seamless implementation of your desired features.

Planning a custom home involves many decisions, but having a checklist can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Building your dream home can be one of life’s most exciting experiences. With some careful planning, you can turn your vision into reality. CDS Builders wishes you every success as you embark on the journey of crafting the home of your dreams! Our team will ensure to guide you through the process every step of the way, turning your vision into reality.

Building Dreams, Creating Smiles: CDS Builders’ Heartwarming Holiday Initiative with Genesis House

During these past holiday season, joy, compassion, and giving back to the community took center stage. In the spirit of spreading warmth and happiness, our CDS Builders team undertook a heartwarming holiday initiative, forming a meaningful partnership with Genesis House in the 2023 Holiday Season.

In the spirit of holiday generosity, Genesis House, a stalwart in community support, made waves with its heartwarming collaboration aimed at bringing warmth and comfort to those who have found a home in their facilities while getting back on their feet. During the festive season, they teamed up with local partners to extend their reach beyond providing shelter.

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to fostering hope and resilience, Genesis House has embarked on a unique initiative. By forging partnerships with local businesses, they are not merely constructing physical shelters but also laying the foundation for a stronger, more supportive community.

This collaborative effort transcends the typical boundaries of charity. It’s more than erecting structures; it’s about creating safe spaces where individuals and families can rebuild their lives. The echoes of construction work aren’t just the sounds of progress; they’re the beats of a community coming together, weaving a safety net of compassion and understanding.

As saws cut through timber and hammers meet nails, the symphony of construction becomes a metaphor for the harmonious support Genesis House provides. Every structure built is a testament to the resilience of the community, standing tall against the backdrop of challenges faced by those seeking refuge.

Genesis House stands firm in its mission to provide not just shelter but a foundation for rebuilding lives. Their commitment goes beyond the holiday season, extending throughout the year. At the core of their mission is a dedication to fostering hope and resilience within the community.

Throughout the year, Genesis House organizes impactful fundraisers and events, channeling the collective energy of the community towards a common goal. These initiatives serve as a lifeline, ensuring the sustained support required to uphold their mission. From charity galas that bring together local businesses to community-driven events that engage residents, Genesis House consistently strives to raise both awareness and crucial funds.

The heartbeat of Genesis House lies in the continuous need for supplies. Whether it’s blankets to provide warmth during the winter months, non-perishable food items to stock their pantry, or building materials to expand their reach, the organization relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses alike. The call for supplies is perpetual, echoing the ongoing commitment to creating a nurturing environment for those seeking refuge.

One standout feature of Genesis House’s approach is its focus on sustainability. Through educational events and workshops, they empower community members to contribute not just in times of crisis but as active participants in the ongoing mission. By fostering a sense of ownership within the community, Genesis House ensures that the spirit of giving endures, creating a cycle of support that transcends the boundaries of time.

Reflecting on the holiday initiative, it’s crucial to recognize that the work of Genesis House is a year-round endeavor. The symphony of giving plays on, not just during festive seasons, but in the daily acts of kindness, the tireless efforts of volunteers, and the unwavering support of the community they serve.

Genesis House consistently relies on the generosity of the community to fulfill their ongoing mission. The following items are crucial in sustaining their efforts:

1. **Paper Products:**
Including paper towels, toilet paper, and Kleenex, these essential items contribute to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.

2. **Personal Care Products:**
Body wash (16 oz. bottle or smaller), soap, shampoo, conditioners (16 oz. bottle or smaller), and lotion (16 oz. bottle or smaller) are essential for promoting hygiene and well-being among individuals seeking refuge.

3. **Dental Hygiene Products:**
Toothpaste and individual toothbrushes play a critical role in maintaining oral health for those under Genesis House’s care.

4. **Deodorant and Cleaning Products:**
Deodorant sticks and a supply of cleaning products are consistently needed to ensure personal care and maintain a safe living environment.

5. **Household Essentials:**
Dishwasher tablets, HE laundry detergent, hand sanitizers, and wipes are indispensable items that contribute to the overall well-being and cleanliness of the living spaces.

6. **Baby and Infant Supplies:**
Genesis House welcomes donations of baby clothes, diapers in all sizes, new infant and toddler car seats, and strollers to support families with young children.

7. **Bedding and Linens:**
Pillows with zip-on pillow covers, single-bed sheets, pillowcases, crib sheets, bath towels, and washcloths are necessities that enhance the comfort of living spaces.

8. **Home Essentials:**
Skid-proof area rugs, door mats, light bulbs, AA & AAA batteries, and flashlights are items that contribute to the safety and functionality of the shelters.

9. **Kitchenware:**
Pots and pans, 9 X 13 in. casserole dishes, and food storage containers help facilitate meal preparation for those in need.

10. **Dish Towels and Gift Cards:**
Dish towels/cloths assist in maintaining cleanliness, and grocery store gift cards provide flexibility for residents to obtain necessary food items.

11. **Financial Contributions:**
Cash donations are always welcomed and are instrumental in supporting various needs, including funds for GED testing ($128.00/test).

For those willing to contribute, Genesis House can be contacted via email at Your generosity in providing these items ensures the organization’s ability to create a supportive and nurturing environment for those they serve.

Let’s extend our unwavering support and warmth throughout the entire year, making a lasting impact on those who need it most!

Visit us at our new Aripeka Sales Center located at 8303 Aripeka Drive, Viera, Florida 32940 and for ongoing information, visit

Together, we can consistently brighten the days of those in need, making every season a celebration of compassion and community.

The Journey of Building Your Custom Home With CDS Builders

In today’s market, there are plenty of options from buying an existing home, picking a floor plan
or building a custom home. With CDS Builders, we make building your dream home an exciting
and joyful journey. It’s a chance to create a space that reflects your unique style, personality,
and needs. At CDS Builders, we understand the importance of customization and the joy it
brings to homeowners. Our team is dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life, from
selecting the perfect floor plan to choosing the finest finishes. Embrace the joy of customization
and let us guide you through the journey of building your dream home. Let’s create a space that
is truly yours!