Building Dreams, Creating Smiles: CDS Builders’ Heartwarming Holiday Initiative with Genesis House

During these past holiday season, joy, compassion, and giving back to the community took center stage. In the spirit of spreading warmth and happiness, our CDS Builders team undertook a heartwarming holiday initiative, forming a meaningful partnership with Genesis House in the 2023 Holiday Season.

In the spirit of holiday generosity, Genesis House, a stalwart in community support, made waves with its heartwarming collaboration aimed at bringing warmth and comfort to those who have found a home in their facilities while getting back on their feet. During the festive season, they teamed up with local partners to extend their reach beyond providing shelter.

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to fostering hope and resilience, Genesis House has embarked on a unique initiative. By forging partnerships with local businesses, they are not merely constructing physical shelters but also laying the foundation for a stronger, more supportive community.

This collaborative effort transcends the typical boundaries of charity. It’s more than erecting structures; it’s about creating safe spaces where individuals and families can rebuild their lives. The echoes of construction work aren’t just the sounds of progress; they’re the beats of a community coming together, weaving a safety net of compassion and understanding.

As saws cut through timber and hammers meet nails, the symphony of construction becomes a metaphor for the harmonious support Genesis House provides. Every structure built is a testament to the resilience of the community, standing tall against the backdrop of challenges faced by those seeking refuge.

Genesis House stands firm in its mission to provide not just shelter but a foundation for rebuilding lives. Their commitment goes beyond the holiday season, extending throughout the year. At the core of their mission is a dedication to fostering hope and resilience within the community.

Throughout the year, Genesis House organizes impactful fundraisers and events, channeling the collective energy of the community towards a common goal. These initiatives serve as a lifeline, ensuring the sustained support required to uphold their mission. From charity galas that bring together local businesses to community-driven events that engage residents, Genesis House consistently strives to raise both awareness and crucial funds.

The heartbeat of Genesis House lies in the continuous need for supplies. Whether it’s blankets to provide warmth during the winter months, non-perishable food items to stock their pantry, or building materials to expand their reach, the organization relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses alike. The call for supplies is perpetual, echoing the ongoing commitment to creating a nurturing environment for those seeking refuge.

One standout feature of Genesis House’s approach is its focus on sustainability. Through educational events and workshops, they empower community members to contribute not just in times of crisis but as active participants in the ongoing mission. By fostering a sense of ownership within the community, Genesis House ensures that the spirit of giving endures, creating a cycle of support that transcends the boundaries of time.

Reflecting on the holiday initiative, it’s crucial to recognize that the work of Genesis House is a year-round endeavor. The symphony of giving plays on, not just during festive seasons, but in the daily acts of kindness, the tireless efforts of volunteers, and the unwavering support of the community they serve.

Genesis House consistently relies on the generosity of the community to fulfill their ongoing mission. The following items are crucial in sustaining their efforts:

1. **Paper Products:**
Including paper towels, toilet paper, and Kleenex, these essential items contribute to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.

2. **Personal Care Products:**
Body wash (16 oz. bottle or smaller), soap, shampoo, conditioners (16 oz. bottle or smaller), and lotion (16 oz. bottle or smaller) are essential for promoting hygiene and well-being among individuals seeking refuge.

3. **Dental Hygiene Products:**
Toothpaste and individual toothbrushes play a critical role in maintaining oral health for those under Genesis House’s care.

4. **Deodorant and Cleaning Products:**
Deodorant sticks and a supply of cleaning products are consistently needed to ensure personal care and maintain a safe living environment.

5. **Household Essentials:**
Dishwasher tablets, HE laundry detergent, hand sanitizers, and wipes are indispensable items that contribute to the overall well-being and cleanliness of the living spaces.

6. **Baby and Infant Supplies:**
Genesis House welcomes donations of baby clothes, diapers in all sizes, new infant and toddler car seats, and strollers to support families with young children.

7. **Bedding and Linens:**
Pillows with zip-on pillow covers, single-bed sheets, pillowcases, crib sheets, bath towels, and washcloths are necessities that enhance the comfort of living spaces.

8. **Home Essentials:**
Skid-proof area rugs, door mats, light bulbs, AA & AAA batteries, and flashlights are items that contribute to the safety and functionality of the shelters.

9. **Kitchenware:**
Pots and pans, 9 X 13 in. casserole dishes, and food storage containers help facilitate meal preparation for those in need.

10. **Dish Towels and Gift Cards:**
Dish towels/cloths assist in maintaining cleanliness, and grocery store gift cards provide flexibility for residents to obtain necessary food items.

11. **Financial Contributions:**
Cash donations are always welcomed and are instrumental in supporting various needs, including funds for GED testing ($128.00/test).

For those willing to contribute, Genesis House can be contacted via email at Your generosity in providing these items ensures the organization’s ability to create a supportive and nurturing environment for those they serve.

Let’s extend our unwavering support and warmth throughout the entire year, making a lasting impact on those who need it most!

Visit us at our new Aripeka Sales Center located at 8303 Aripeka Drive, Viera, Florida 32940 and for ongoing information, visit

Together, we can consistently brighten the days of those in need, making every season a celebration of compassion and community.

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